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Entrepreneurship training and support is now available also in English.

Start the change now, increase your competitiveness! 

Ultra Lean Business, Entrepreneurship Black Belt tackles the most common problems small companies and entrepreneurs face. The reader gets 50 or more concrete learning on different subjects, all simply put and easily implementable to increase company competitiveness. The book/e-learning includes tasks that further the learning process, and useful links for additional information. It's especially useful for companies in Finland (many links to Finnish "entrepreneurship ecosystem" and value adding services), but great fit to companies globally as problems and solutions are mutual.

Easy, fast and effective! 

The content of this book/e-learning is designed to fit everyone from starting entrepreneurs to a university level, and from beginners to serial entrepreneurs. The lessons can be implemented in all industries and all types of business. Learning should never be a one-off thing. This book serves as a base for life-long learning where all aspects of the business are being developed, improved and challenged continuously, year after year.

Select the most convenient way of learning 

Book: Order from Amazon or Adlibris (Adlibris allows you to also pay via Finnish online bank services).

E-learning: In case you enjoy e-learning, you can enroll to respective training at Helao, Institute of Adult Education in Helsinki. Special package price of the e-learning includes also the book and a 1 hour free consultation to improve your business. E-learning starts 13.8.2018, but via Helao you can enroll already today.

Consultation: Virtually all small businesses in Finland can get 75-100% funding (=free money!) for renewal, growth development and/or innovation development (up to 15.000-20.000€ in 3 years). With Business Finland innovation voucher and/or ELY-center development services, small businesses can hire experienced consultants to help improve their competitiveness. Surprisingly, the application process is easy (it takes only 30-60 minutes to apply), decisions are done fast (1-2 days for ELY and 1-2 weeks for Business Finland) and hitrate to get funding is high (90+% of applications I've made with my customers have been accepted). 👍

Have a pleasant reading and learning journey! 

Finnish education system for entrepreneurship is now captured in an easy, fast and effective way and it's also globally available. Let's jointly improve the competitiveness of small businesses globally - enjoy and let me know if I can help (antti.leijala@pktehokasyritys.fi)!

Find the author on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/anttileijala/


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