Crisis support for small business

No doubt, Corona will heavily impact small businesses sales in near and medium term. I will collect different support possibilities to this site. The situation changes on daily basis, so i recommend following the site to get the latest insight.

Crisis support, personal advice

I can't personally help all people, but will open free of charge online support for small businesses (to start with, 2 hours per week).

Within this 1 hour consultation, you can either focus on innovation development or problem solving
  1. How to commercialize new innovation?
  2. Fast track problem root couse analysis and outsider view on where and how to start ssolving the biggest issues
This support is targeted to 1-9 employee small businesses. 1hour/company. Free of charge. If you reserve time, please join so that you don't reserve a slot from someone else.

More details (in Finnish, translation coming...) and reservation

Business Finlandin, disruptive situations funding

I will help in applyin the funding, please contact: 


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